• + Dept: Social
  • + Age: 24
  • + Sex: Male


This result could not have been possible without the support of many people including my teachers and my parents as well as the blessings of God and my elders.

On knowing my scores, the feeling I experienced was more of surprise than of joy. I was expecting good marks but 96.8% was quite above my expectations. Preparation for entrance exams often overshadowed preparation for the Boards. However I believe that even 1-2 hours put towards the boards every day on a regular basis can reap rich dividends. I also believe that Entrance exam preparation and Board exam preparation help each other and should go side by side.

It is said - ‘With your sight on the destination you lose sight of the road’. Enjoying the journey to the exams without caring for the results works wonders as it did for me. I took every exam as a learning experience, reinforcing what I already knew as well as learning something new. I also credit my parents and teachers as being the motivational factors one requires for such a grueling journey.